Endless Online 2

Endless Online 2 is the old EO, with a database backup of the one stolen during 2014, Please login and grab your old EO Main accounts now!

[New map update 8/23/2022] Tired of dredge?, can't seem to get enough exp? Well I got news for you come to aeven cemetery located at the end up aeven Park.
*Added ghosts,reapers and more.
*Added chopper drops 3%,endura 2% ,endur 2%,dark blade 5% evil plate 1%,reaper 20% gold 50% dark gems 5% air gems 7% souls 10%
*Coming very soon, cemetery crafts. So collect as much as possible enjoy (:

[Update 4/16/2022] Easter Event is now Live! Ends April 19th.

[UPDATE 10/5/2021] Server is now back online! Join the discord to recover your EO account.

IP: game.endlessonline2.com

Port: 8079

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